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Meet the founder

Rafael Alves is a young entrepreneur who hails from a family of Business owners from Brazil. Seeking better opportunities, his family immigrated to America, where he began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age by working in his family's business. Through hands-on experience, Rafael gained a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to manage and run a successful enterprise.

Rafael initially pursued studies in marketing and computer science at college but soon realized that the traditional education system was more of a business in itself. He decided to drop out and explore alternative avenues of learning, recognizing that we are in a new era where access to education can be found in innovative and unconventional ways.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and experience, Rafael is poised to make a significant impact in the business world. His unique perspective and determination to succeed have positioned him as a rising star in the industry, and his story serves as an inspiration for others looking to blaze their own trail.

Portable Investments is a consulting company that is dedicated to helping small businesses maximize profits and grow through technology tools and industry clarification. The company recognizes that small businesses face unique challenges in adopting new technologies and keeping up with changes in their industry.

To address these challenges, Portable Investments offers a range of consulting services that are specifically designed to help small businesses adopt new technologies and clarify their industry position. The company offers expertise in areas such as digital marketing, e-commerce, and cloud-based solutions, helping small businesses leverage technology to improve their efficiency and increase their revenue.

In addition to technology consulting, Portable Investments also provides industry clarification services, helping small businesses stay up-to-date with changes in their industry and identify new opportunities for growth. The company provides in-depth analysis and research, helping small businesses stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions about their future.

One of the key advantages of Portable Investments is its personalized approach to working with small businesses. The company takes the time to understand the unique needs and challenges of each business it works with, and develops customized solutions that are tailored to their specific situation.

Overall, Portable Investments is a consulting company that is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed in the digital age. Its innovative technology solutions and industry expertise make it an ideal partner for any small business looking to maximize profits and grow.

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